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Measureable Outcomes

Have you ever written out a ministry plan? It is an essential practice for any children’s pastor weather you are describing a single event or a year’s worth of ministry. Most of us have some sort of plan and can describe schedules, volunteer rotations, and supply lists. But healthy ministries require more than a plan of attack; they need a plan of success.

Simple Reminders for Kidmin Leaders

Have you ever struggled with the idea that your role isn’t that important in the overall ministry of your church? If so, you’re not alone. Many of today’s children’s ministry leaders feel the exact same way.

Three Resources to Help You Build a Healthy Kids’ Ministry

A few weeks ago, I ran across a recent Barna study called "Three Spiritual Journeys of Millennials," which illuminated the numbers of Millennials who are faithless in their twenties. Nearly one in three Millennials have no religious affiliation.

Helping Families Connect with Other Families

If you are going to disciple a child, you must be willing to provide opportunities that holistically minister to the family in the process. One simple way to cultivate healthy families in your ministry is by connecting families with other families.

Seven Characteristics of a Healthy Kids’ Ministry

If you’re in children’s ministry you know the importance of healthy role models, community, and giving children a sense of security. In fact, a recent post by Portland Leadership revealed some new scientific evidence regarding the increasingly large void of community for America’s children.

Six Ways to Go Beyond Sunday Mornings

What if the lessons we teach on Sunday could be reinforced on a Tuesday evening, before school on Thursday, or during a long drive on a Saturday? The potential for lifelong learning is reduced if we believe Sunday is the only day for children’s ministry. We need to be strategic in moving beyond Sunday to create true disciples.