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Welcoming Children in the Foster-Care System

Many churches preach sermons on loving the orphan, and they have support groups and special meetings to talk about the need in their local area. Yet when a new foster family shows up on a Sunday morning, the kids’ team seems to have no idea how to handle this little one. As members of our churches continue to help in the foster-care system, we will continue to encounter more foster-care children in our ministries on Sundays. So how do we welcome them...

Divorce and Discipleship

Family ministry in the church today focuses on the responsibility of the parent as the primary discipler of their children. The role of the church is to support parents in this endeavor. Blended families have additional challenges as they disciple their children. Oftentimes children in divorced families are faced with a two-headed monster. In other words, they have two of everything—two families, two houses, even two sets of rules and guidelines.

Finding Hope in Difficult Times

I would like us to consider times of ambiguity, disappointment, struggle, or loss as opportunities for our kids to experience God’s care and His very personal interest in their life. As we come alongside children or adults during difficult seasons of life, how can we best minister to them so they feel supported within a community of caring Christians?