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What do you really want to hear about your leadership skills?

Rather than asking yourself if you are a leader that others want to follow, consider asking the questions listed to trusted individuals around you. If you are truly open to hearing their thoughts and not defending yourself or getting too big of an ego, then you will find yourself closer to being a leader others will follow.

Goals for 2016

The truth is that goals are vital to any ministry and any Christian. They keep our eyes fixed on the future so that we don’t get bogged down and trapped in the present. Just like we fix our eyes on Christ and work to become like Him, so we must also set goals for our lives and ministries and work hard to reach them. These goals will keep you on track to not only becoming more like Christ, but also on track to fulfilling more of the purposes that God has for you and your ministry.

Evaluating Your Kids’ Ministry

Each new year gives us the opportunity to start afresh. For kids’ ministry leaders who are goal-oriented and intentional, it is a time we look forward to with anticipation. It’s an opportunity to set new goals, aspire to greater ministry achievements, and dwell on the possibility of what the new year may bring. But before we move forward into 2016, I encourage you to look back on what happened in your own personal life and ministry over the last year.

The Discipleship Pathway

Our job in Kidmin is to help our kids take their next right step in their walk with God. I have long believed that everyone’s discipleship pathway is different; yet I also believe that each child’s journey should consist of some similar steps. These experiences can help us gauge our children’s growth, but more importantly, they form the foundations of their faith.

Reflecting on the Past Year

Effective leaders constantly evaluate their own progress and consider how they can improve. Balancing looking back and looking forward can be challenging, but a healthy leader recognizes the importance of learning from the past without dwelling on it. We can celebrate past milestones while recognizing the need to continually grow and improve.

Measureable Outcomes

Have you ever written out a ministry plan? It is an essential practice for any children’s pastor weather you are describing a single event or a year’s worth of ministry. Most of us have some sort of plan and can describe schedules, volunteer rotations, and supply lists. But healthy ministries require more than a plan of attack; they need a plan of success.