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Kids, Culture, and Truth

As kids’ ministry leaders, we should do everything we can to equip and empower parents to discuss the issue of same-sex marriage and other cultural issues with their children. While you might not be a world-renowned apologist, you can still help parents talk to their kids in a way that creates a clear picture of God’s design for our lives, and that demonstrates that we all have a choice whether we follow His design or try to go our own way.

More Than Superheroes

In the world our kids live in, the stories told in Scripture can become indistinguishable from those told on the screen, and there are many who would want kids to believe that the stories of the Bible are truly nothing more than that.

Kidmin Isn’t Just about Kids ... It’s about Families

Every children’s ministry leader desires to reach the hearts of kids in their ministry. But what if the best way to truly create a lasting impact, to truly make a transformational difference in their life, wasn’t through Sunday morning services and personal conversations ...

Three Resources to Help You Build a Healthy Kids’ Ministry

A few weeks ago, I ran across a recent Barna study called "Three Spiritual Journeys of Millennials," which illuminated the numbers of Millennials who are faithless in their twenties. Nearly one in three Millennials have no religious affiliation.

Seven Characteristics of a Healthy Kids’ Ministry

If you’re in children’s ministry you know the importance of healthy role models, community, and giving children a sense of security. In fact, a recent post by Portland Leadership revealed some new scientific evidence regarding the increasingly large void of community for America’s children.

Six Bible Passages on Orphan Care Every Kids’ Ministry Leader Can Use

You can’t read the Bible without realizing that caring for orphans is something that is important to the heart of God. In fact, the word “orphan” is used over thirty times in the Scriptures. Throughout the Bible, God seems to place special emphasis on the care of orphans ...