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Camp Volunteers

I once heard what I thought was the perfect description of kids’ camp for a child. It was in an online article. The author was Dick Gruber. He described kids’ camp through the eyes of a child, as a week-long glimpse of what heaven is going to be like. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. However, in the running of kids’ camps, kids are not the only ones that are a part of the kids’ camp experience. It’s the children’s pastors, moms and dads, and volunteers that help you achieve that goal for our kids.

4 Functions of a Safety Team

I think I can hear you say already … “Are you kidding me, Mark? I can barely keep my rooms staffed, and now you want me to have a Safety Team?!” That’s right, a safety team can provide a different level of benefit to your children’s ministry that most teachers and volunteers are too busy to spot. Although you may have a hard time finding leaders for a classroom, having positions on a security team may help people “get their feet wet” in children’s ministry while providing a key service to your church.

Summer Events Adults Will Line Up to Volunteer For

Creating outreaches that kids will love has never been the problem. But finding volunteers to pull it off is another story. So what kinds of summer activities make recruiting the right workers easier? Not every activity needs to require a lot of manpower to plan or pull off. Tours and road trips are my favorite style of low-prep activities that both kids and adults love.

Summer Outreach

Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love the weather, the schedule, and the opportunity to do something completely different in kids’ ministry. As you can probably guess, I love planning and hosting summer outreaches, and here are five reasons why.

Training Topics Not To Miss

There are some topics in children’s ministry that are commonly accepted practices. These would include how to discipline, how to communicate with specific ages, etc. But there are some training topics to consider that may not be a normal part of your process.

Is Your Kid’s Ministry Fueled By Coffee?

Nowadays, everyone (okay, not everyone, but most) starts their day off with a cup of the sacred bean in some form. Drip coffee from the Mr. Coffee pot at home, an overheated latte from Starbucks, or some frozen concoction blended with a lot of sugar and a hint of coffee. Coffee “fuels” many of us and helps get the day started right! I want to ask this question: Is your kids ministry fueled by coffee? Below is an acronym that will help you find out…