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Discipleship of Children

I’m fearful that we are setting children’s ministry leaders up for frustration as it pertains to the future of family ministry. The truth of the matter is that the best family ministry strategy beings with the adults in the home growing personally in Christ and modeling healthy marriage and family relationships to the best of their ability.

What Parents Need To Hear

From the moment church is over, parents may have only one thing on their minds: time to get my kids and leave. Naturally the next step becomes similar to herding cattle: the “Parent Pickup” line. Parents wait patiently (sometimes not so much) for their turn to pick up their child. When their turn comes, more often than not I hear the question, “Did my child behave today?” While this may be the most important thing to a parent at that time, I believe as leaders it is our duty to share things with parents that they need to hear and probably wouldn’t hear unless they ask a specific question. For me there are three things I believe that all parents need to hear.

Is Your Kid’s Ministry Fueled By Coffee?

Nowadays, everyone (okay, not everyone, but most) starts their day off with a cup of the sacred bean in some form. Drip coffee from the Mr. Coffee pot at home, an overheated latte from Starbucks, or some frozen concoction blended with a lot of sugar and a hint of coffee. Coffee “fuels” many of us and helps get the day started right! I want to ask this question: Is your kids ministry fueled by coffee? Below is an acronym that will help you find out…

Fun and Laughter

Whether you are leading a family or a ministry, the same pattern is likely. People involved with their day-to-day routine get busy, and pretty soon they don’t have time to do the things that are really going to be fun. But fun is important. Fun creates relationship bonds. Fun builds memories. Fun refreshes the soul.

Family Time Is Ministry Time

It’s that time of year when people everywhere evaluate their performance in a variety of areas and determine what needs adjustment. Spending time with family is one such area. You may be thinking, “I spend quality time with my spouse and kids.” I applaud the thought. The reality is that ministers who talk about quality time are typically making excuses for the lack of quantity time they spend with their families.

Rest ... an Essential Part of Christmas

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned after years of ministry it’s that being busy and being effective don’t always go hand in hand. Many times, I can be busy doing ministry, but don’t feel like anything I’m doing is really working. Other times, I can focus on just a couple of activities and feel like I’m getting tremendous traction.