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What I Wish Parents Knew About Children’s Ministry

Children’s ministry is not just about kids, it’s about families. It’s about helping families to understand that the church is established to pastor and teach the family as a whole. There are three things that I wish parents would understand about children’s ministry:

Curriculum Questions You Must Ask

It’s been said that a church has 90 minutes a week (that’s assuming a child comes every week, which is an anomaly these days), and parents have approximately 90 hours each week (minus sleep/work/school) to invest in kids. But let’s not forget that the Holy Spirit is with us 24/7 (168 hours each week). He can speak to a child at school, while sleeping, or through the Scriptures.

My favorite ways to empower families

Let’s face it, the church has not cracked the code on how to help Mom and Dad feel confident in having spiritual conversations with their children.However, if we are going to change the story for this generation of children’s children, then we need to do something that will begin to bridge the gap.

Reminders for Moms

Being a mom is the most favorite and most chaotic responsibility I have. There is so much joy in snuggling my kids before bed, and there are mounds of misery (and laundry) when the flu runs throughout the entire house in a few days’ time. Through it all, the call of being a mom is something to be treasured. I would like to share three simple L’s that I’ve come to appreciate in my journey of being a Mom.

Honor Mom

This Mothers Day, encourage your children’s ministry small-group leaders to help kids decide on one simple way to show honor to their mom, grandmother, or other woman who may be in their life.

Discipleship of Children

I’m fearful that we are setting children’s ministry leaders up for frustration as it pertains to the future of family ministry. The truth of the matter is that the best family ministry strategy beings with the adults in the home growing personally in Christ and modeling healthy marriage and family relationships to the best of their ability.