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First Impressions

Unfortunately there is a myth in the church world that because “the Lord looks on the heart” we can be less concerned with what man looks at. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Often the excuse of “judge us by our heart” is an excuse for not doing the hard work of creating excellence within the parameters and limitations that exist. Is there a biblical foundation for creating a positive first impression?

Get Off The Treadmill of Ministry

If you are a runner you know there is a big difference between running on a treadmill and running outdoors. Early in my training for a half-marathon, I utilized a treadmill to avoid the cold weather outside. However, I found myself trying to keep myself occupied with movies, music, and occasionally math (I was desperate) in order to keep myself on the treadmill rather than learning to enjoy the journey. Ministry can become a lot like a treadmill.

Implementing a Participation Approach to Kidmin

Building a ministry that’s based on “participation” rather than “observation” is one of the most effective ways to engage kids and lead them towards becoming Spirit-empowered disciples. As children’s ministry leaders, learning how to translate that idea into practical steps is critical when it comes to developing this kind of participation strategy in our ministry.

Observation or Participation?

What would your ministry look like if you changed your Sunday morning experience from primarily being based on “observation” and starting inviting kid’s to participate in the ministry?

Living Life on Mission

As kids’ ministry leaders and parents, we’re consumed by the idea that there’s always something “more” we could or should be doing. What if impacting the Kingdom and truly living life on mission to help kids know God more wasn’t about doing more, but doing less more effectively?

Simple Reminders for Kidmin Leaders

Have you ever struggled with the idea that your role isn’t that important in the overall ministry of your church? If so, you’re not alone. Many of today’s children’s ministry leaders feel the exact same way.