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God Preparing You for Growth

Are you finding yourself feeling “stuck” today? Could it be that God is preparing you for a growth process? Take a few moments to reflect and respond to this tough question: Do you really trust God’s process? “Recognize and value the process. When something happens to you, God wants to do something in you.”

The Throne of Grace

Brian Eno’s article "The Throne of Grace" serves as a great encouragement to us as children’s leaders, that we have an obligation to live out and demonstrate the benefits we as believers can access: the Throne of Grace. Brian provides four refreshing truths based on Hebrews 4:16.

What do you really want to hear about your leadership skills?

Rather than asking yourself if you are a leader that others want to follow, consider asking the questions listed to trusted individuals around you. If you are truly open to hearing their thoughts and not defending yourself or getting too big of an ego, then you will find yourself closer to being a leader others will follow.

Keys for Success

Let’s face it, although we strive to live our lives with no regrets, we can’t help but wish we had learned some lessons earlier in life than we did. Today, I’ll share some candid thoughts about things I wish I had known when I was beginning in ministry.

Reminders for Moms

Being a mom is the most favorite and most chaotic responsibility I have. There is so much joy in snuggling my kids before bed, and there are mounds of misery (and laundry) when the flu runs throughout the entire house in a few days’ time. Through it all, the call of being a mom is something to be treasured. I would like to share three simple L’s that I’ve come to appreciate in my journey of being a Mom.

Goals for 2016

The truth is that goals are vital to any ministry and any Christian. They keep our eyes fixed on the future so that we don’t get bogged down and trapped in the present. Just like we fix our eyes on Christ and work to become like Him, so we must also set goals for our lives and ministries and work hard to reach them. These goals will keep you on track to not only becoming more like Christ, but also on track to fulfilling more of the purposes that God has for you and your ministry.