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Raising Children of the Spirit

I am a missionary to the children here in Argentina. The Lord has called me to find spiritual gold in the most difficult places—places where the natural eye wouldn’t even want to go, to slums filled with open garbage dumps and horrible smells. These are the places God has called me to find His hidden treasures. My task is to find the gold, shine it, and return it to the Lord, transforming lost treasure into children of the Spirit.

Simple Truths That Lead to Kingdom Impact

One of the things I love most about the Gospels is how they paint a picture of how counterintuitive the good news of salvation is compared to our conventional thinking. Jesus constantly used unconventional ways to get people’s attention and teach them about His grace.

Three Challenges Kids Face When Sharing Their Faith

“Evangelism” is a word that can make even seasoned believers nervous. While kids are oftentimes much more bold when it comes to evangelism than we are as adults, there are certain things that can definitely keep them from confidently sharing their faith.

Planted by the Stream

One of the greatest challenges we can face in ministry is the continued stress that comes from being a leader. People have needs; your supervisor has expectations; you want to be at home with your family; there is never enough ___________ (volunteers, money, time)…. After a prolonged period of feeling the push and pull associated with ministry, leaders can feel beat up.

Helping Kids Anchor Their Identity in Christ

It’s not an understatement to say that our young people are in an identity crisis. The traditional grounding of our identity is our family, but in the majority of the Western world the family is no longer stable or it is already distorted and broken. In addition to this, in our abstract world we like to tell people, “You are who you feel you are.” We emphasize that no one can tell you who you are but YOU!

God’s Grace In the Biblical Narrative

In kids’ ministry, the Word of God is one of our greatest tools for teaching kids about grace. We often think of grace as something God extends to us. This is certainly true, but grace is also a defining character of God—God is grace. The Bible’s narrative is a grace-filled story from Genesis to Revelation. When telling the Bible’s story to kids, drawing out the grace of God enables kids to gain a proper understanding of who God is.