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Three Concerns Every Kids’ Pastor Faces

When it comes to creating a Spirit-empowered kids’ ministry, the challenges for many leaders have never been greater. Trying to reach kids in a culture where “going to church” is no longer the norm has created a series of new challenges that weren’t an issue a decade ago.

Seven Characteristics of a Healthy Kids’ Ministry

If you’re in children’s ministry you know the importance of healthy role models, community, and giving children a sense of security. In fact, a recent post by Portland Leadership revealed some new scientific evidence regarding the increasingly large void of community for America’s children.

Choosing the Right Curriculum for Your Children’s Ministries

It can be overwhelming to know which curriculum is the best fit for your ministry. To make that decision, you need a good idea of where your kids are spiritually and then determine a goal for their spiritual development. Here are some tips to help you pick the right curriculum for your kids.

Three Keys to Adding More Volunteers to Your Ministry Team

It’s a question I get asked on a regular basis: “How do you get folks in the church to volunteer when they think it is the children’s pastor’s job to do the ministry?”