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Modeling Appropriate Discipline with Our Technology

On May 24th a new technology was demonstrated before members of Congress. It was a genuine breakthrough that allowed for instantaneous communication across an insurmountable divide. Skeptics thought the inventor was “deranged” while supporters marveled at the modern wonder.

INFOGRAPHIC: An In-Depth Look at the Kids in Your Ministry

Whether you call them Generation Z, Digital Natives, the iGeneration, or Plurals, you can’t argue with the fact that the generation of kids currently in our ministries is vastly different from previous generations.

Six Ways to Go Beyond Sunday Mornings

What if the lessons we teach on Sunday could be reinforced on a Tuesday evening, before school on Thursday, or during a long drive on a Saturday? The potential for lifelong learning is reduced if we believe Sunday is the only day for children’s ministry. We need to be strategic in moving beyond Sunday to create true disciples.