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Creating a Spiritual Journey for Your Family

One of the most challenging aspects of Christian parenting is creating a positive spiritual journey for your family. Although the American Auto Association offers no tips on spiritual journeys, we can learn three tips by observing their established pattern.

Protecting Your Family from Church Conflict

Your primary responsibility as a children’s leader is to your family. When negative conflict impacts the church, your family takes priority over your ability to fix the problem, serve as a congregational peacemaker, or silence an ungodly antagonist. With this in mind, I’ve come up with some positive points for protecting your family.

Three Ways to Reach Unchurched Families

Did you know that since 1990 the percentage of unchurched adults has increased from 30 percent to 43 percent of the population? It can be challenging to figure out ways to reach unchurched families in our communities. If parents won’t bring their kids to outreach events or scheduled services, how can we reach them?

Equipping Parents to Disciple

As you well know, teaching a lesson at church is one thing, but leading children in the day in and day out application of the lesson for the rest of the week is an enormous task for even the most engaged dad or mom.

Making Space for Parents in Children’s Ministry

Honestly, the definition of family ministry is a bit up in the air—but the intent is clear. Parents, grandparents, and primary caregivers need to be considered when your children’s ministry starts making plans for their kids.

Seeing More Than the Child

Family is the most influential thing in a child’s life; every child is part of a family. Effective children’s pastors know this and do whatever it takes to connect kids to the context of their home.