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Help Parents Navigate the Digital Danger

As a children's pastor and a tech lover, one of my favorite things to do is to help parents navigate the dangers of raising children in a digital world. These dangers are obvious: exposure to inappropriate material, access to strangers, and even bullying by their peers. We, as pastors, need to make sure that parents are aware of these dangers and also are equipped to deal with them as they arise.

Protecting Kids in a Digital Age

You can’t watch over every kid in your ministry, but you can create an awareness about the dangers that are out there and equip parents to help protect their children.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Look, technology has made life more fun and interesting. Remember how boring it used to be at the DMV? Not anymore—my clan will crush yours any day! We are plugged in all the time, and so are our kids. There’s no reason to hide from it or run away from it or even be scared. Because just like anything, you learn what it is, how it functions, the good, and the bad.

Modeling Appropriate Discipline with Our Technology

On May 24th a new technology was demonstrated before members of Congress. It was a genuine breakthrough that allowed for instantaneous communication across an insurmountable divide. Skeptics thought the inventor was “deranged” while supporters marveled at the modern wonder.

INFOGRAPHIC: An In-Depth Look at the Kids in Your Ministry

Whether you call them Generation Z, Digital Natives, the iGeneration, or Plurals, you can’t argue with the fact that the generation of kids currently in our ministries is vastly different from previous generations.