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Your Fall Outreach

This week, tens of thousands unchurched families will bring their kids to annual Harvest Festivals or fall outreach events. If you stop and think about it… that’s an incredible opportunity to make a significant and eternal impact for the Kingdom.

The Teacher’s Personal Touch

My strongest gifting is “Administration.” I’m organized, focused, and efficient. Probably not the primary traits that most parents or pastors would search for in their Children’s Minister. Instead you may be looking for someone creative, fun, and energetic. <sigh> Those are traits I’ve had to cultivate!

Three Resources to Help You Build a Healthy Kids’ Ministry

A few weeks ago, I ran across a recent Barna study called "Three Spiritual Journeys of Millennials," which illuminated the numbers of Millennials who are faithless in their twenties. Nearly one in three Millennials have no religious affiliation.

Helping Families Connect with Other Families

If you are going to disciple a child, you must be willing to provide opportunities that holistically minister to the family in the process. One simple way to cultivate healthy families in your ministry is by connecting families with other families.

INFOGRAPHIC: How Kids Are Using Technology

Over the past few days we’ve been looking into some of the latest statistics and insights into today’s generation of kids in our ministries. One of the biggest things impacting this generation is technology. A few weeks ago, I ran across this fascinating article that provided an in-depth look at how kids are using technology.