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Funding Church Camp for Every Child

Summer camp is the absolute best week of the year for a child. Not only on a spiritual level, but also relationally, emotionally, and physically. There is nothing quite like placing kids in a spiritually rich environment, removing all of the normal distractions, and helping them connect with Jesus.

Wednesday Night Preschool Classes

If we aren’t careful we can push planning for Wednesday nights to the back burner and miss the incredible extra hour and a half of getting to pour into our kids lives and their families lives. Here are four ways to make sure that your Preschool Ministry is on point during your Wednesday night service.

Don't Forget Preschool Kids

In the Kidmin world it’s common for people to spend most of their time and energy on the elementary age group. There are typically more curriculum options, and it may be considered more “fun” because the physical and mental development of the kids allows them to do more. But don’t forget about preschoolers.

10 Common Mistakes Church Staff Members Make

If you work (or have worked) on a multiple member staff at a local church, you know that it is not always easy to maintain unity and cohesion among the team. Much of the reason for that are some of these common mistakes made by church staff members. Browse the list and give yourself a check-up…

10 Ways to Finish Worship Time

It’s so easy for our kidmin worship times to become all about the singing and the dancing. We must be intentional about teaching kids the value and purpose of worship. More importantly, we must show them that worship isn’t just about singing, it’s about interacting with God.

Invest in Another Children's Ministry

Let’s face it, you have enough going on in your own church to really spend a large amount of time investing in another ministry. But there are some simple ways you can invest in another children’s ministry that won’t take up too much time.