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10 Ways to Release Kids in Ministry Now

If we give our children a taste of ministry from a young age, it might open their eyes to the call of God on their life and lead to a lifetime of ministry.

Equipped for the Call

For any child, the intentional relational investment of a mentor and leader can create a sense of confidence and courage in a child responding to a call of God on their life.

God Wants to Call and Equip Kids for Ministry

God wants to call kids to ministry. I know this firsthand because I received a clear call when I was only 7 years old.

4 Lessons to Encourage Kids about Calling

When children experience God's call, it's important that we intentionally help them understand what they are responding to. Here are 4 lesson that can help equip kids with some clarity about their calling.

3 Step Process for Equipping Kids

Once called kids have been identified, we must have processes in place to equip them.

3 Ways God Calls Kids

Are we helping children to understand the call of God? How do they know if they have been called? How does God call kids?