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Welcoming Children in the Foster-Care System

Many churches preach sermons on loving the orphan, and they have support groups and special meetings to talk about the need in their local area. Yet when a new foster family shows up on a Sunday morning, the kids’ team seems to have no idea how to handle this little one. As members of our churches continue to help in the foster-care system, we will continue to encounter more foster-care children in our ministries on Sundays. So how do we welcome them...

Security For Your Big Events

Parents take note of the value we place on the safety of their children. By taking safety and security seriously, we say to them, “We care.” Children’s leaders are constantly involved in planning multiple events every year. Those plans must include a good safety and security plan that protects everyone involved.

Children's Ministry Is Not Childcare!

One of the great mantras of children’s ministry is that we are not childcare. But I think we need to get over that because part of our job in ministry is childcare. Thinking in terms of childcare, safety, and security does not belittle the ministry—it enhances it.

4 Functions of a Safety Team

I think I can hear you say already … “Are you kidding me, Mark? I can barely keep my rooms staffed, and now you want me to have a Safety Team?!” That’s right, a safety team can provide a different level of benefit to your children’s ministry that most teachers and volunteers are too busy to spot. Although you may have a hard time finding leaders for a classroom, having positions on a security team may help people “get their feet wet” in children’s ministry while providing a key service to your church.

Equip Parents to Protect Kids Online

This week, we’ve had some really great conversations about the importance of protecting kids in today’s digital age. Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite resources you can share with parents to help them protect their kids.

The Talk

Most parents struggle when it comes to talking to their kids about sex. Sadly, some parents simply never muster the courage to have “the talk” with their kids. With the prevalence of Internet pornography and children who are immersed in a culture that is preoccupied with sex, the parental voice in the lives of kids is invaluable. When parents go silent, kids learn about sex in ways that can have lifelong negative consequences.