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Recruiting and Placing JBQ Officials

After you’ve put together the JBQ teams and have recruited coaches for them, what’s next? This article will provide some practical and proven suggestions that will make this quizzing season function more smoothly.

7 Ways to Tell Their JBQ Story

The last quiz box has been put away, and you the JBQ coordinator are ready for some much deserved R&R. What next, you might ask? The answer is obvious and comes from the best practices of children’s sports leagues: Have an awards banquet.

JBQ and the Judge

In JBQ, it is impossible to minister to children and parents if we do not know God’s love for us. We must live in God’s love and demonstrate His love to the children and adults in our JBQ ministry. When parents witness and experience His love, they (as officials) will be able to reflect His love to the children (quizzers). This article points out some good tasks to follow for JBQ officials and leaders.

JBQ Friends or Foes

At a quiz meet, the adults in the room set the tone for the attitudes and interactions during each match. If the officials are smiling and happy, the quizzers are more relaxed. If the coach jokes with the other team, the kids view them more positively. It is our responsibility as JBQ leaders to promote this desired fellowship. This article shows 10 simple steps to ensure our JBQ meets set a positive tone.

Gearing Up for JBQ Season

This article offers great ideas to help get your JBQ ministry going and KEEP it going: 1.) Recruiting Volunteers, 2.) Promote, 3.) Go the Extra Mile. As the article says, this is more than just preparation for competition—JBQ is ministry!

Reach Your Community Kids Through JBQ

Junior Bible Quiz is naturally inquisitive to kids. And we all know JBQ is possibly one of the most successful and best ways to disciple children in God's Word. But have you ever thought about it as an outreach tool? This article offers a few points on ways you can use JBQ to reach children in your community.