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<strong>Creating a Safe Environment for Mid-Week Groups</strong>

The midweek setting may look and feel different than Sunday, but it is not a time to scale back the safety of our children. If there is a distinct difference on Sunday and midweek, parents and kids will notice. Mandy Groot outlines a simple “Safety Environment Checklist” for the midweek groups.

Creating a Safer Environment for Nursery & Preschool Kids

When a mom or dad enters your nursery with their child for the first time or the 100th time, they need to feel the child is “safe.” When we care for kids in our nursery, I remind our nursery team that we are providing care for both the baby and the parents. If mom and dad feel their baby is safe, the baby will do much better in your environment. This article demonstrates some safe practices for the church nursery.

5 Keys to Ensuring Child Safety

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our kids is critical. The children’s pastor and ministry leaders must ensure they and their leaders are properly screened and that specific policies and procedures are in place. This article provides five basic steps you can incorporate in your local church to help provide the maximum safe environment for the children placed in your care by parents and guardians.

3 Ways to JBQ Success

Three areas that require focused intensity for Junior Bible Quiz to be successful in the local church: JBQ practice must be fun. Parental involvement in JBQ is vital. JBQ needs long-term goals and plans, which are key to long-term success.

Is Your Kid’s Ministry Fueled By Coffee?

Nowadays, everyone (okay, not everyone, but most) starts their day off with a cup of the sacred bean in some form. Drip coffee from the Mr. Coffee pot at home, an overheated latte from Starbucks, or some frozen concoction blended with a lot of sugar and a hint of coffee. Coffee “fuels” many of us and helps get the day started right! I want to ask this question: Is your kids ministry fueled by coffee? Below is an acronym that will help you find out…

God's Word Changes Lives

The ultimate goal for kids is that they live for God the rest of their lives. Kids are under our care while the soft clay of their spirits is still fresh. We have them during their formative years. During their time in our ministry, they should receive so much of the Spirit of God and the Word of God that they can’t help but live for God, making Him the One they love and trust.