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Tips for JBQ Coaches and Parents

Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl Champions, wanted to win but was more interested in his players succeeding in life after football. We need to be that way with JBQ. The real win will be 10 or 20 years from now, when we see the children we coached or parented doing awesome things for God. Let's raise up some faithful men and women for God!

Keeping JBQ Practice Fun and Engaging

Each year we start off our JBQ season reminding parents of our number-one goal for their children: We want them to have fun! Some may say this goal is not appropriate. It could be said a better goal would be for kids to have God’s Word hidden in their hearts or to have a team do well in competition. I contend, though, that if kids are having fun, both things will happen naturally.

Water Baptism and Children

My opinion and leading is prompted by the two questions I get asked: “Is my child too young to be water baptized?” and, “Can you meet and talk with my child to make sure they are ready to be baptized?” What is too young?

Participation - More Than Activity

To start the road of group participation, steer away from the idea of busy activities. Here’s how it typically works: You find a fun game on the Internet or Pinterest and wonder if it will work at church. It might have nothing to do with the theme or lesson but it looks like a fun game. Before you say yes, ask if it is really participation or just another “busy activity.”

Moving From Teacher to Facilitator

When we teach, we are educating or instructing kids. Knowledge of the Word of God is important because it lays the foundation. However, knowledge of who God is or knowledge of the Bible is not enough. Kids must experience God.

Children and Participation

Many years ago while writing “Focus On Children,” my research included the study of educational theory and practice. Writers agreed, although percentages varied, that children retain little of what they hear, more of what they hear and see, and much more of what they hear, see, and do. From that time until now, I have incorporated strong illustration and involvement components in every lesson.