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Turning Mornings from Chaos to God Moments

Care-taking isn’t the hard part of parenting; discipling is. I felt I was wasting the time I have with my kids on the little things and not focusing on what really matters. I decided I needed to get control of what I can control and structure our mornings so there was less stress and frenzy. So drive times to school became a perfect time for God moments.

Reaching the Goal of Bible Master Award

Competition is a great motivator for kids in Junior Bible Quiz. However, as the culmination of another quiz season is rapidly approaching, we need to consider again how to motivate students to “Conquer the Cards.” So what was that church missing that we can apply to our situation in JBQ? This article offers three motivating factors that can help bring about excellence in JBQ.

JBQ and Learning the Cards

The information in the Junior Bible Quiz Bible Fact-Pak is the best information that you can ever have. It is the catechism of the Assemblies of God. If we could teach all of our kids this information, we would ground them in the Word of God that would establish them for life. That's a pretty powerful statement, but the key is that we must teach it to them in a way that they learn the information. We have to have a way to transfer this knowledge from the Fact-Pak to that child's brain.

Three Ways to Tell the Story of God in a Big Way

The Bible contains the greatest story ever told, but we often fail to teach kids just how amazing it is. This article points out three key ideas you can use to tell the story of God in a big way. 1.) Put it in perspective. 2.) Go back to the future. 3.) Urge the urgency of today.

A Secret for Getting Kids into God’s Word

When considering the idea of getting kids into God’s Word, the same principle applies. When you talk about what you see in the Bible as amazing, and begin to draw out of it the stories that are written and how it impacts your life today, it’s catchy.

Model a Love of God's Word

Helping kids learn to love the Bible is one of the most valuable things we can do as kids’ ministry leaders. But have you ever felt like that seemed like an impossible task?