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Evaluating Your Service to Volunteers

Six questions that will help you evaluate your leadership training and leadership appreciation: What is something our team should celebrate this week? What is an area within our ministry that needs to be molded and tweaked? What is a responsibility I have or am doing that I need to train and equip someone else to do and begin letting go of? Which child or family within our kids’ ministry can we be there for EXTRA this week? Who was a life saver this week and went above and beyond? What is one reason I still love working in kids’ ministry?

Celebrating Gods Work in 2016

The New Year is almost here! As we enter 2017, we have the opportunity for a brand-new start, a year full of new possibilities, new goals, new dreams, new lessons, and new memories. However, while the thoughts of new are incredibly exciting, the lessons of our past are what will help us continue to personally grow. So as we approach this New Year, I encourage you to reflect on a few personal questions—ones that will help launch you into 2017.

3 Reasons I Advocate Tru Fire

My favorite element of Tru Fire is that it sets kids up with the tools they need to take hold of their faith. Lots of curricula are more interested in raising up good kids, but Tru Fire looks to train a generation of godly kids. Tru Fire helps kids interact with God’s Word, and it teaches kids to go to God with their burdens and to work things out in prayer.

How This Article Affects the Way I Think We Should Do Kids Ministry

When it comes to the way we do children’s ministry, consider the shift that takes place from each generation to the next. It would be insane to believe we can keep doing the same things in a changing culture and expect to receive the same results. In many ways, it would be even more insane if we were so content with the effectiveness of past practices that we kept doing the same things over and over. After all, there is always room to improve.

The One Thing I Wish The Church Board Knew About Kidmin

Most children’s ministries across the country have two things in common: they need one more worker and a bigger budget! (If you don’t have those two problems, either your church is a phenomenal exception or your vision is too small—but that’s a different blog post.)

The Discipleship Pathway

Our job in Kidmin is to help our kids take their next right step in their walk with God. I have long believed that everyone’s discipleship pathway is different; yet I also believe that each child’s journey should consist of some similar steps. These experiences can help us gauge our children’s growth, but more importantly, they form the foundations of their faith.