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Intentional Diversity

I have long believed that one of the primary roles of children’s pastors is to expand the worldview of our kids. On a weekly basis we get to open their eyes to God’s way of thinking, and more importantly, His way of seeing the world.

A New Way of Looking at Kidmin Challenges

There’s no denying that kids’ ministry can be challenging. Over the past several days, we’ve highlighted several ways you can overcome the challenges that keep you from cultivating disciples, growing personally as a leader, and building a healthy kids’ ministry. Today, I wanted to take a little bit of a different perspective …

Three Concerns Every Kids’ Pastor Faces

When it comes to creating a Spirit-empowered kids’ ministry, the challenges for many leaders have never been greater. Trying to reach kids in a culture where “going to church” is no longer the norm has created a series of new challenges that weren’t an issue a decade ago.

Seven Characteristics of a Healthy Kids’ Ministry

If you’re in children’s ministry you know the importance of healthy role models, community, and giving children a sense of security. In fact, a recent post by Portland Leadership revealed some new scientific evidence regarding the increasingly large void of community for America’s children.

Is Adoption for You?

“The answer to 168 million orphans in our world can be summed up in two words: family and church. Unless orphan care becomes personal to us it will remain something that’s ‘out there.’” —Kay Warren

Adoption: the Very Heart of Our Father

Adoption is the heart of God. I have always agreed with this thought, but I don’t think I understood it until I adopted my son. For those who have biological children and choose to adopt, the impact of adoption is no less significant than the impact on those who pursue adoption because of infertility. But I believe many of the emotional experiences are different.