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God, Us, and Others

The phrase “God first, family second, ministry third” is a simple reminder of where our focus should be. Yet during the chaotic joys of ministry, that order of priorities can shift. In the midst of limitless opportunities, we need to establish limits that allow us to prioritize our own families.

My favorite ways to empower families

Let’s face it, the church has not cracked the code on how to help Mom and Dad feel confident in having spiritual conversations with their children.However, if we are going to change the story for this generation of children’s children, then we need to do something that will begin to bridge the gap.

Welcoming First-Time Visitors

First impressions are vitally important, especially when it comes to those initial connections that your church makes with parents. For first-time visiting parents, leaving their children with strangers can be very unnerving because of its uncertainty. Here are a few things that we do at our church to help parents feel at ease both before arriving and when they arrive.

4 Moms in the Bible

There are some great stories of moms in the Bible. As you finalize your plans for Sunday morning, consider some of the following Bible stories to share with your leaders or congregation.

Divorce and Discipleship

Family ministry in the church today focuses on the responsibility of the parent as the primary discipler of their children. The role of the church is to support parents in this endeavor. Blended families have additional challenges as they disciple their children. Oftentimes children in divorced families are faced with a two-headed monster. In other words, they have two of everything—two families, two houses, even two sets of rules and guidelines.

Honor Mom

This Mothers Day, encourage your children’s ministry small-group leaders to help kids decide on one simple way to show honor to their mom, grandmother, or other woman who may be in their life.