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Outreach Assimilation

As summertime approaches, you are probably planning your summer outreaches and ministry events. Summer can be very busy in the kidmin world, so it’s important for us to have an attack plan before June 1st rolls around. As vital as the event itself is to plan, it is equally crucial to have a plan of attack to get all those kids to come back to church on the weekends.

Summer Activities

I try to view our kids’ ministry through the lens of James 1:22. Oftentimes we do a great job teaching kids biblical principles, but how are we at providing opportunities for kids to live it out? Summer is a great time to provide multiple opportunities for kids to do outreach.

Summer Outreach Planning

If there is one thing children’s pastors don’t need, its another program to manage. However, a summer outreach can be one of the greatest investments of time because it results in kids coming to know Christ. So how can church leaders plan a summer outreach with excellence but without spreading themselves too thin?

The Most Effective Kids’ Ministries are “RACI”

It’s imperative that kids’ ministry leaders be intentional about defining roles and responsibilities for the various activities within the ministry. If you truly want to build a healthy ministry, each project should include multiple volunteers and team members who hold different responsibilities, but work together to guide kids in your ministry towards living more Spirit-filled lives.

Should Kids' Ministry Take the Summer Off?

I hear it all the time from Kidmin leaders: “We’re taking the summer off!” “We are canceling kids’ ministry services during the summer and just having kids sit in the adult service every week.” While I completely understand the rationale, here are a few reasons to NOT take summers off.

Strategizing Summer Outreach

Children’s pastors today have more resources than ever before to reach children who live in the shadows of the steeple. However, based on the stories I hear children’s pastors tell about their summer outreaches, I get the feeling we are missing the mark by only reaching kids who are already attending other churches.