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JBQ Friends or Foes

At a quiz meet, the adults in the room set the tone for the attitudes and interactions during each match. If the officials are smiling and happy, the quizzers are more relaxed. If the coach jokes with the other team, the kids view them more positively. It is our responsibility as JBQ leaders to promote this desired fellowship. This article shows 10 simple steps to ensure our JBQ meets set a positive tone.

3 Considerations for Structuring Kids Services

Different churches have different structures and models that are used each weekend during kids’ services. The way we structure our service can say a lot to parents, kids, and volunteers about your priorities for kids’ ministry. Throughout my time in ministering to kids, I have found some universal truths about a service structure that will continue to help your ministry be healthy. Here are three suggestions.

Celebrating Gods Work in 2016

The New Year is almost here! As we enter 2017, we have the opportunity for a brand-new start, a year full of new possibilities, new goals, new dreams, new lessons, and new memories. However, while the thoughts of new are incredibly exciting, the lessons of our past are what will help us continue to personally grow. So as we approach this New Year, I encourage you to reflect on a few personal questions—ones that will help launch you into 2017.

Learn from the Past Lead into the Future

As leaders in children’s ministry, we know the significance of our job. We have the opportunity to teach kids about Christ. What could be better than that? Yet in the middle of the week-to-week preparations, we can get so focused on the details that we forget the bigger picture. Our job is not simply to ensure our 4s class has a teacher this Sunday—our job is to nurture the spiritual development of kids.

Being a Leader Others Will Follow

Without a doubt, the most essential quality of leadership, and perhaps the most overlooked component, is that of followership. The fact that you may not have known “followership” was even a word helps to prove my point. We talk a lot about leadership but remain mute on the motivations of those whom we wish to lead. It is time for many of us to graduate from leadership preschool and take our first steps toward a follower-centric model, where we can honestly answer the question, Am I a leader that others want to follow?

The Legacy I Want to Leave

Do you ever wonder what the person who replaces you in ministry will do differently? It’s kind of a scary and sobering thought all at the same time. I’ve watched a number of ministry transitions take place over the years. Some of them have been successful; others have caused the ministry to flounder and never recover. So what would I want my successor to know about what I felt was important in shaping children’s ministry? I thought you would never ask…