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3 Kidmin Safety Questions

In today’s world there are a lot of things that a children’s ministry leader needs to think about. One of the most basic relates to safety of the children and leaders. You might think “security is not rocket science,” but the following questions will help even the seasoned ministry veteran evaluate their safety policies and procedures.

Security For Your Big Events

Parents take note of the value we place on the safety of their children. By taking safety and security seriously, we say to them, “We care.” Children’s leaders are constantly involved in planning multiple events every year. Those plans must include a good safety and security plan that protects everyone involved.

Children's Ministry Is Not Childcare!

One of the great mantras of children’s ministry is that we are not childcare. But I think we need to get over that because part of our job in ministry is childcare. Thinking in terms of childcare, safety, and security does not belittle the ministry—it enhances it.

4 Functions of a Safety Team

I think I can hear you say already … “Are you kidding me, Mark? I can barely keep my rooms staffed, and now you want me to have a Safety Team?!” That’s right, a safety team can provide a different level of benefit to your children’s ministry that most teachers and volunteers are too busy to spot. Although you may have a hard time finding leaders for a classroom, having positions on a security team may help people “get their feet wet” in children’s ministry while providing a key service to your church.

Welcoming First-Time Visitors

First impressions are vitally important, especially when it comes to those initial connections that your church makes with parents. For first-time visiting parents, leaving their children with strangers can be very unnerving because of its uncertainty. Here are a few things that we do at our church to help parents feel at ease both before arriving and when they arrive.

The Nursery Volunteer

As a children’s pastor, one of the most important areas in our ministries, I believe, is the nursery. First-time parents and guests need to feel that their baby is being taken care of and is safe and loved in order for them to feel comfortable dropping off their precious little one. When they know that those three things are happening, then they can actually fully attend the adult service and hear the message.