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JBQ and Learning the Cards

The information in the Junior Bible Quiz Bible Fact-Pak is the best information that you can ever have. It is the catechism of the Assemblies of God. If we could teach all of our kids this information, we would ground them in the Word of God that would establish them for life. That's a pretty powerful statement, but the key is that we must teach it to them in a way that they learn the information. We have to have a way to transfer this knowledge from the Fact-Pak to that child's brain.

Supernatural Peace

Living on the mission field, I have lived through war, death threats, and kidnapping threats. I’ve even been held up at gunpoint. Yet, there is something about that gift of peace, knowing that there is no place safer than the will of God that sustains me through it all.

Spiritually Effective Lesson Prep

The curricula that is on the market presently, be it for small group or large group, seems to be all inclusive. There are printed materials, videos, object lesson ideas, game ideas, hands on ideas, group ideas and so much more. It seems that there may be nothing to do but to purchase and teach! However, there are several things that you cannot put in a box or download to a computer when it comes to effective teaching.

Transformed to Be World Transformers

Regardless of nationality, children across the world are learning to operate as agents of spiritual transformation. As they learn to operate through the power of the Holy Spirit, not only are they being transformed, but they become transformers for those around them.

Make Disciples!

What can we do to help disciple children at different ages in their walk with Christ? I want to suggest three separate stages of development that we can provide for our children to help them grow to become like Christ.

The Word, The Spirit and Kids' Ministry

I believe it’s critically important to give kids age-appropriate lessons that help them listen and respond to the Holy Spirit while utilizing the Word of God as their plumb line. The Word and The Spirit are inseparable in the life of a believer.