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God Inviting Us to BIG Things

God invites us to do BIG things. He calls us to “God things”—things we could never accomplish without Him. Faith is great, but faith without real-life service is motionless, fruitless, and lifeless. If we are to fan the faith-flame in the lives of children and leaders—the kind of faith that answers the “so what?” question—we must engage kids and leaders in face-to-face acts of compassion.

Beyond Their Church Walls

First, a children’s missions program helps form a heart of compassion in a child for the world that God loves. Every child can be helped to develop a tender heart for people in faraway places and for the missionaries that serve those places. Secondly, through that heart of compassion, kids can raise money to help fund the preaching and teaching of the gospel all around the world.

Supernatural Peace

Living on the mission field, I have lived through war, death threats, and kidnapping threats. I’ve even been held up at gunpoint. Yet, there is something about that gift of peace, knowing that there is no place safer than the will of God that sustains me through it all.

Encouraging a Heart of Service and Leadership in Kids

A heart of service and leadership in a child is a powerful force that touches the local church, the community, and even the world. How do we encourage a heart of service and leadership in children? It comes through discipleship, teaching, and validating the value of every person—adult or child—in the kingdom of God.

Leading Your Family in Missions

The adrenaline and excitement was high as the room was full of anticipation. Kids were squinting their eyes and gasping hopeful breaths then chatting eagerly with each other, “I can’t wait!” “This is what we have been working for! “Let’s see what God did!” As the final moments approached, young hands patted drum rolls on their laps while I announced the all-time record high for our missions giving!

The “Aha!” Moment

Have you ever had an “Aha!” moment? Chances are, you have. Kids have them too. In fact, kids are always learning so many new things about life that their “Aha!” moments come frequently.