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10 Ways to Have Fun with Blacklights in Your Children's Ministry

This spring quarter in the Tru Fire curriculum is a neon/blacklight theme. Blacklights are such a simple but effective way to bring fun to your ministry!

7 Ways to Tell Their JBQ Story

The last quiz box has been put away, and you the JBQ coordinator are ready for some much deserved R&R. What next, you might ask? The answer is obvious and comes from the best practices of children’s sports leagues: Have an awards banquet.

The Holiday Event We Never Had

Along the way as a children’s pastor, I learned that a volunteer’s time should be protected. As paid staff, I always got a day off. The day off for my volunteers (from their workaday jobs) is Saturday. I came to realize that if I fill that day with ministry, it’s like me losing my day off. Sometimes it has to be done, but do make an effort to guard your volunteers’ time. Our favorite holiday event was the “Fall Harvest Party” we didn’t have. We replaced it with our annual tradition of a roller-skating party.

Big Orange Party

Fall is coming and I’m already getting excited! From the turning leaves, the return of football, crisp air, homemade applesauce, and pumpkin spice ev-ry-thing… It’s my absolute favorite time of year. At Morningside Assembly we invite the community for a party on our church campus. It’s scheduled the Wednesday before Halloween, and we call it “Big Orange Party” (aka B.O.P.)


I want so desperately to take all the credit for this idea…but my conscience…maybe if we look at it from a different angle…nah…ok… *MOVIE TRAILER GUY VOICE* The post you are about to read was not entirely an original idea. Reading this post does, however, include you in the foreseen lawsuit, and you are absolutely responsible for all monies and damages to come.

Back-To-School Event

My favorite Kidmin event at Glad Tidings Church in Muncie is our annual “Back to School Outreach” at our local elementary school. Eight years ago we made it a strategic goal as a church to partner with the closest elementary school and do everything we can to help the students, parents, faculty, and staff.