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Helping a Child Navigate Trauma

There are a few guaranties in this life. One of them happens to be pain. It’s not a subject we like to dwell on because pain is not something we look forward to. We occasionally use the adage, “no pain no gain.” When we recite those words we are implying there’s something good at the end of the pain. And while that’s true in some scenarios, how do we live with pain that seems to have no gain?

Watch Me Grow!

Providing a healthy and stable environment for children to grow is a primary function of the church.

The Insights of a Four-Year-Old

Our kids and grandkids catch what we say and teach them. All too often they learn the lessons about God’s love, mercy, and grace better than we adults. Or is it that we have just forgotten what we learned as children?

Loving Kids from Hard Places

We readily acknowledge there are unique challenges that go along with meeting the needs of hurting children and overwhelmed families. However, the opportunity to be spiritual fathers and mothers far outweighs those challenges.

How to Lead When Your Child Isn’t Thriving

What should you do when you are succeeding as a leader in your church but your own son or daughter isn’t thriving? Casey Gibbons shares her personal home struggles during 20 years of successful ministry. Check out the four hopeful insights she passed along.