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4 Moms in the Bible

There are some great stories of moms in the Bible. As you finalize your plans for Sunday morning, consider some of the following Bible stories to share with your leaders or congregation.

Reminders for Moms

Being a mom is the most favorite and most chaotic responsibility I have. There is so much joy in snuggling my kids before bed, and there are mounds of misery (and laundry) when the flu runs throughout the entire house in a few days’ time. Through it all, the call of being a mom is something to be treasured. I would like to share three simple L’s that I’ve come to appreciate in my journey of being a Mom.

Kids Ministry and Single Moms

Single moms often feel overworked, overwhelmed, financially frustrated, and fatigued. Sadly, they are often classified as the invisible “other” group in our churches. They are avoided by those who feel they cannot relate to them and misunderstood by others who feel they just need a handout or a hook-up out of “this season.” What single moms need is a person or a ministry to take the time to show them that they genuinely care.

Divorce and Discipleship

Family ministry in the church today focuses on the responsibility of the parent as the primary discipler of their children. The role of the church is to support parents in this endeavor. Blended families have additional challenges as they disciple their children. Oftentimes children in divorced families are faced with a two-headed monster. In other words, they have two of everything—two families, two houses, even two sets of rules and guidelines.

Honor Mom

This Mothers Day, encourage your children’s ministry small-group leaders to help kids decide on one simple way to show honor to their mom, grandmother, or other woman who may be in their life.