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Book Review: A Practical Guide to Culture

Authors Stonestreet and Kunkle do a masterful job of helping the reader form a biblical world-view by explaining the big picture of Scripture, why we can trust the Bible, and insights into how our identity is formed.

Mentoring Boys into Future Men

Many children’s ministries leaders know that incorporating learning styles and age-appropriate activities allow them to better disciple children. Research now bears out that when the gender of the child and the unique needs of that gender are factored into the programming and discipleship approaches by those ministries, they can have an even higher level of effectiveness. This article highlights the top four needs of a 4-year-old boy and how focusing on those needs through the lens of his gender can greatly increase the effectiveness of our discipleship to him.

Helping Girls Reach Their Potential

Girls everywhere deal with things like insecurity, difficult family situations, friendship struggles, and so much more. What would it look like if we could help meet their needs head-on instead of reacting to issues later? Our girls are exploding with untapped potential, and we have the ability to help prepare them to discover God’s purpose for their lives.

The Value of Men in Kids' Ministry

While this topic may elicit a slew of thoughts, I want you to take a moment and imagine a kids’ ministry where no men are involved. Strange right? Think about a family that does not have a father in the picture. This, in my mind, would be similar to a kids’ ministry with no men.

Summer Activities for Girls

“Bees’ll buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz.” I promise I won’t finish singing the entire song “Summer” from the movie Frozen, but summer is one of my most favorite seasons! Growing up I remember days spent on the lake, times with my family, barbeques, swimming in the pool, and going for walks. Summer is a BLAST and such a key time for families to get outside and spend some quality time together!

Summer Activities for Boys

Are you familiar with the summer drop-off? You know, when school lets out and families take trips? Camping, fishing, and other family events seem to take precedence over church for a couple of months. I know it all too well. Summer activities are a great way to keep connected with your kids at a time when you might not be seeing them at your weekend services.