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Understanding and Reaching Children with Autism for Christ

What is ASD? According to the Autism Society, it is a complex developmental disability that has a wide and varying range of severity and symptoms that affect a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. It’s time we better understand how Autism affects children and their families.

Equipping Your Ministry for Special Needs

Given the large number of individuals in the nation with special needs, the likelihood of having a child with special needs visiting your church is a real possibility. The question, then, is are you prepared, and do you have a game plan for such a scenario?

Welcoming Children in the Foster-Care System

Many churches preach sermons on loving the orphan, and they have support groups and special meetings to talk about the need in their local area. Yet when a new foster family shows up on a Sunday morning, the kids’ team seems to have no idea how to handle this little one. As members of our churches continue to help in the foster-care system, we will continue to encounter more foster-care children in our ministries on Sundays. So how do we welcome them...

Leveraging Outreach to Introduce People to Jesus

Every year in America the Church spends millions of dollars on outreach and yet after many of these outreaches we are left with a puzzled confusion trying to figure out their long term fruit.

Preparing to Minister to Kids with Special Needs

There is a significant ministry opportunity that is going largely unmet in many of our children’s ministries: an intentional strategy to reach kids with special needs. It may sound a little daunting to you. You may be saying, “Mark, I’m barely getting by as it is!” I hear you, but I want you to know that there are small and simple ways you can develop a strategy for reaching special needs kids.

Children with Special Needs In Your Kidmin

Many children’s ministries have at least one or two kids with some sort of special need. This can feel overwhelming for those without an established strategy or plan to minister to these kids. Today, I want to encourage you to overcome these roadblocks in order to establish quality ministry to children with special needs.