Job Posting Form

In an effort to assist churches and ministers, the Assemblies of God Children's Ministry office provides this service to churches that are currently looking for a children's minister to fill an available position. The lists are updated regularly to reflect additions, deletions or changes submitted. Inclusion on the list of positions does not imply endorsement by the Assemblies of God Children’s Ministry office nor can we personally recommend any individual nor make contact with them on your behalf. The General Council of the Assemblies of God is not responsible for the accuracy of the content listed in the job postings below.

Children's Pastors

The AG Children’s Ministries office is not permitted post names or resumes of those seeking the position in a local church. Prospective staff members may contact any of the churches in the list below in your search.

Pastors and Church Administrators

If you have an available children’s ministry position in your church and would like to add it to our list of positions, please click here to submit our Job Posting Form.

Abundant Life Church

Peter M. Bosworth

Phone #: 317-845-4900

Access Church

Shaheen Eydgahi

Phone #: 651-674-7531

Ada First Assembly of God

Jimmy Keith

Phone #: 580-332-2533

Bellerose Assembly of God

Rev. Dominick Cotignola

Phone #: 718-343-1264

Bethany Community Church

Phil McCutchen

Phone #: 508-922-5218

Bethel Assembly

Phil Roop

Phone #: 573-335-5531

Bethel Assembly of God

Pastor Ron Meador

Phone #: (580) 255-2745

Bethel's Rock Church

James Biffert

Phone #: 612.310.1478

Calvary Christian Assembly

Phone #: 206-525-7474

CenterPointe Church

Rod Caswell

Phone #: 618-283-9100

Central Assembly of God

Wally Reames - lead pastor

Phone #: 231-777-3938

Central Assembly of God

Pastor Josh

Phone #: 580.233.1818

Chapelwood United Methodist Church

Aly Eaton

Phone #: 877-462-5718

Church Unleashed

Todd Bishop

Phone #: 516-280-2737


Heather Weber

Phone #: 319-541-5338

Commonwealth Chapel

Katie Samuel

Phone #: 804-405-2577

Compassion New England

Cheri McCutchen

Phone #: 508-922-5218

Connection Pointe

Todd Hukill

Phone #: 615-496-1511

Cornerstone Church

Chad Mayne

Phone #: (660) 247-1913

Dream City Church - Phoenix, AZ

Kimberly Salazar

Phone #: 602-867-7117

Evangel Assembly of God

Jay Fischer

Family Worship Center

Pastor Adam Meyer

First Assembly Community Ministries

Pastor Robby Bradford

Phone #: 765-474-1432

First Assembly of God

Gary Goodwin

Phone #: 308-539-1979

First Assembly of God

Doug Suvino

Phone #: 850-678-4030

First Assembly of God

Matt Ellis

Phone #: 603-483-2272

First Assembly of God

Pastor Joe Green

Phone #: 607-723-7417

First Assembly of God

Pastor Ed Hartman

Phone #: 727-849-4407

First Church

Grant Allen

Phone #: 219-987-5156

Harrison United Methodist Church

Harvest Chapel

Joe McAlpine

Phone #: 262.384.8873

Helena First Assembly

Doug Greenman

Phone #: 406-442-6851 x106

Higher Vision Church - San Diego

Phone #: (760) 224-5075

Hillcrest Church

Impact Ministries

Pastor Jeremy Haroldson

Phone #: 307-331-2310

Legacy Church

John Newman

Phone #: 501-624-3564

Life Stream Church

Phone #: (636) 239-4054

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

Cary Wadle

Phone #: (330) 928-9044

Living Faith Church

Mike Moccardini, Lead Pastor

Phone #: 805-967-5651

Meadowbrook Community Church Champaign, Illinois

New Hope Assembly of God

Pastor Philip Nissley

Phone #: (734) 287-4673

New Life Church

Pastor Juan Rivera

Phone #: 330-757-0727

New Life Church

Randy Blankenship, Sr.

Phone #: 765-459-5067

New Vision Christian Center

Pastor Tim

Phone #: 816-966-1033

Oakwood Community Church

Pastor Gerry Bass

Phone #: 763-220-6004

O'Fallon Assembly of God

Pastor Donald Andreasen

Phone #: 618.632.5584

Peoria First

Jason Persinger

Phone #: 810-522-0928


Myles Holmes

Phone #: 618-344-1000

Second Presbyterian Church

Laura Addis

Phone #: 877-462-5718

Sidney NY Assembly of God

Rob Perkins

Phone #: 607-563-8247

St. John's Episcopal Church

Search Team

Phone #: (703) 356-4902

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Teresa Sippel

Phone #: (210) 226-2426

The Church at Cedar Hills

Nelz Samuel

The Tabernacle Church

Joseph Mendes

Phone #: 931-542-2025

Timber Creek Church

Kim Millen

Valley Christian Assembly

Philip Dunn

Phone #: 304-415-3700

Westover Hills Assembly