Training Today's Kidmin Leaders
Flexible Learning

Training that adapts to the flow of your life. You choose what sessions to participate in, what conversations to join, and what resources to use. If you miss a month, not a problem, content stays active for two additional months to allow you to go back and refresh yourself or catch up if you had a busy month.

Monthly Inspiration

New content and ideas delivered 12 times a year. All of the leaders in your huddle have access to the same content at the same time to allow discussions to take place allowing deeper understanding of content.



Peer Connection

Grow alongside like-minded leaders. Have a question, need an idea, want to share a victory or a prayer need? The relationships you make in the Hydrate Huddles can be a source of strength. We believe everyone has the capacity to learn and an insight which can shape perspectives.

How it Works
Register Today

Our first class launches in June, another in October, and one in February. But the first week you sign up you’ll get a bonus set of 2-minute videos. And really, who wants to try to remember to come back and do something later. Why not just get it done today for less than the monthly cost of other streaming subscription services!

Day 1

Hydrate officially begins on the first day of June, October, and February. On this day you’ll get an email with instructions on how to access the video content, curriculum, free downloads and more.

Join A Huddle

Each Friday all new members are welcomed into the Hydrate Master Huddle - a private Facebook group that you can be in as long as your membership remains active. Once class kicks off you’ll be placed in a smaller Huddle which will allow easier discussions with like-minded leaders.

Shout It Out

Hydrate is better with friends. Why not forward this page on to a leader in another church or if you are able, consider giving away a subscription to a person in need.

Stay Connected

Throughout the month your Hydrate Huddle Coach will facilitate discussions, provide insights, ask questions, and respond to the needs of the members. The more you stay active, the stronger your huddle will be.


Huddle Group beginning October 1, 2018

What's Included
Video Training

Each month three training videos will become available which provide practical insights to children’s ministry, grow your leadership, and grow in your understanding of how faith develops in children.

Group T-Ups

Growing as a leader is one thing, but being able to help your team develop is another. Group T-ups are designed to set leaders up with tools to help their leaders grow as well. From worksheets, meeting guides, and ideas, each month you’ll get new content to help grow your ministry team. Each month is different to allow you to find different solutions that fit your ministry.

60 Weeks of Curriculum

Over $300 worth of curriculum to give you a taste of different styles of curriculum available for churches like yours. Including content from curriculum lines like Faith Case, Tru Fire, High Voltage, and more, you’ll be able to get a feel for what the curriculum covers and how they can meet different needs in your ministry.

Limited to first 1,000 members.

Year One

Introductory Price = $120

Year Two

Coming Soon

Year Three

Coming Soon

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