David Reneau

David Reneau

Montgomery, AL / Evangel Church

David Reneau is an ordained AG minister and currently serve as Children’s Director, Serve Team Coordinator, and Director for Multi-Site Ministries at Evangel Church in Montgomery, Alabama. He has a bachelor’s degree in secondary mathematics and has attended Columbus State University, St. Petersburg College, Southeaster University, Clearwater Masters Commission, and Alabama School of Ministry. David is married to Liz with one boy, Caleb. David says he strives to be on the cutting edge of children's ministry, while teaching and discipling children to live out their faith every day for the rest of their lives.

Five Ways to Strengthen Your Time Management Skills

When a kids’ pastor must take on many responsibilities outside of his area of ministry, the question often becomes, “When do I actually get to work with kids?” How can you best manage your time so that the 10 percent of time spent doing what you love makes the biggest impact? Here are five tips that can help strengthen your time management and leadership skills.

Spreading the Fire Book Review

In Spreading the Fire, Scott Wilson and John Bates lay out a plan to have our Pentecostal expression for the modern day. They show the reader how to be “naturally supernatural” when manifesting the more charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit. It’s still deeply spiritual, rooted in Scripture, and undeniably Pentecostal.

Mentoring Kids to Serve for Ministry

You have kids in your ministry right now who God is calling into full-time ministry. You have other kids who will be lifelong servants. Either way, we want all our kids to have an authentic lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. Mentoring them to serve in ministry is one of the most surefire ways to do that. But how? Check out these five steps to mentoring kids to serve.

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