John Hailes

John Hailes

Urbana, IL / Stone Creek Church

John was born and raised in Manchester, England and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Biblical Studies from Mattersey Hall Bible College.

John has a passion from God to help kids from poor, broken, and disadvantaged backgrounds. His heart breaks for the fatherless and broken families of this world!

His passion has taken him around the world, but has landed him in the great big USA . . . in Urbana, IL. He has been privileged to serve as the Children’s Pastor of Stone Creek Church to around 200 incredible kids since October 2012.

John thrives on communicating God’s truth to all ages, encouraging and equipping others to grow, and showing love to all people.

Putting Prayer on the Calendar

Prayer Experience, Experiencing God, Spiritual Development Summary: “Prayer experiences” are simply dedicated times of prayer using different interactive prayer stations around the Kidmin room. Beginning with a time of worship, explain the different prayer experiences and then release those in attendance to allow the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts as you lead them to different stations. This article offers some suggestions for prayer experiences for your team and for your kids.

4 Tips for Implementing Small Groups

Every children’s ministry leader has walked into a small group room only to find the small group leader is talking about something totally different than the scheduled lesson. As a recovering control freak, it’s one of my nightmares! Despite this, no matter how much small groups might concern me, I am even more convinced they are necessary. Here are four tips that can strengthen any small group for kids.

Don’t just tell kids to read the Bible daily, teach them!

It’s definitely important to read God’s Word daily. It’s a discipline that, when begun as a child, can last a lifetime. However, we must work hard when kids are young to equip them to ensure that this discipline is effective and fruitful. This article offers some pointers to encourage kids to read their Bible at church and at home.