• Putting Prayer on the Calendar

    Prayer Experience, Experiencing God, Spiritual Development Summary: “Prayer experiences” are simply dedicated times of prayer using different interactive prayer stations around the Kidmin room. Beginning with a time of worship, explain the different prayer experiences and then release those in attendance to allow the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts as you lead them to different stations. This article offers some suggestions for prayer experiences for your team and for your kids.
  • The Power of a Prayerful Lifestyle

    Living a lifestyle of prayer means that no decision, big or small, is made without asking the Father for His guidance. Living a lifestyle of prayer means we are praying for the salvation of every man, woman, and child we encounter during our day. Living a lifestyle of prayer means we are putting God first in all things, because we have only His purposes on our mind as we live our lives to glorify HIS name.
  • What Every Mom Should Tell Her Kids

    A mom has the ability to nurture her kids through words, acts, and care. She is often the main person who brings unity and structure to the family. Her words are held in high regard and often repeated. Mandy Groot gives four great pointers on what every mom should tell her kids.
  • Discovering Advent

    Advent is a Latin word meaning coming. During the season of Advent, we remember the first Advent of Christ (His birth) and anticipate the second Advent (the return of Christ). Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas day. For families, observing Advent can be a powerful way of celebrating Christ during the Christmas season.
  • Benefits of a Husband-Wife Ministry Team

    Obviously, not everyone in ministry has a lifetime companion, but those who are married and who are both called into children’s ministry have the benefit of a team effort. This article by Thor Johnson reflects his angle on the benefits of a husband-wife ministry team.

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Featured Children’s Pastors

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Dan Jenkins
Community Family Church
Independence, KY

What is the best lesson you have learned in children's ministry?

The best lesson I have learned in Children's Ministry is that kids shouldn't just be ministered to but should be a vital part of the ministering. They are never too young to be used by God!

What is it that you love about being in children's ministry?

The thing I love most about being in Children's Ministry is those moments when you see a child "REALLY" get it. You know that moment when you see them putting their faith into action - that's the moments I love most!

JP Cannon
The Assembly West Monroe
West Monroe, LA

What is the best lesson you have learned in children's ministry?

I will give you two.

  1. Be patient. It's easier said than done. I have been frustrated with the speed of progress at times and realized that my frustration was only making things worse. There is a difference between patient and lazy. A lazy leader waits for something to happen and a patient person is allowing the results of their labor to be produced. You can't cry about the lack of fruit if you haven't planted a seed.
  2. Implement a culture and process that will outlast you. If I only serve my own interest and leave a void when my time is up that's selfish. I think about what it's going to be minus me.

What is it that you love about being in children's ministry?

Seeing a child's faith develop over the years. I also really love the bluntness of children.

What book are you reading right now?

Titus and James ... The most recent one I've finished was "Good or God" by John Bevere.

What does a "perfect day" in kidmin look like for you?

No drama and lives changed.

What do you love about the AG?

I'm most thankful for the relationships with others and the understanding that we are all working towards one common goal.