• How Will You Handle the Hot Seat?

    It’s game time—match on the line. Are you ready? Your actions and reactions during a JBQ quiz match will determine the stability of your quizzers and their ability to quiz under pressure. Just as water flows from a sponge that is being squeezed, your true character will be exposed in the crucible of competition. How can you prepare your mind and your spirit for those pressure situations? Here are a few tips I’ve found to be helpful.
  • JBQ: Balancing Competition and Discipleship

    How do you balance the desire to win with the spirit of discipleship? Quite simply. It boils down to being aware of this tension and proactively choosing to address this reality. This article applies four key principles that can help you in walking this tightrope
  • Holy Spirit Baptizing Children in Latin America

    Don and Terri Triplett are Assemblies of God missionaries to Latin America Caribbean. Their efforts are focused on reaching children for Christ through their King’s Castle Ministries. Recently, Don Triplett shared a story about a young El Salvadorian girl, “Ana,” who only spoke Spanish. She was praying in their ministry’s Prayer Fortress and began speaking in tongues ... in English.
  • Tru Fire Inspires Creative Ways To Do Altar Calls

    Creating response opportunities for kids that allow them to use their creativity or that reinforce key moments of your Scripture application or sermon can foster moments in the kids' service that are powerful and that bring about impactful moments of worship. This article provides a list of three response stations that were either taken or inspired by the "Worship Response" of that week's Tru Fire lesson. Hopefully this list can help you think through new ways to do altar calls.
  • So the World May Know

    True to our current theme, “Above & Beyond,” children’s leaders across the nation are challenging their leaders and church kids to set all-time high BGMC giving goals in 2017. But what’s the next step to motivate your leaders and kids to sacrificially give with a heart of compassion to world missions? This article suggests some easy steps to follow.

Eight Goals of Children’s Ministry

Every child of God should be…

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Derek Sanborn
Peoples Church
Cincinati, OH

Best thing about KidMin where I live:
I love being in a place that has people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Being a part of a children's ministry and a church that looks like heaven (over 30 different nations calls Peoples Church home) is absolutely amazing. I am humbled that God has allowed me to minister here and to be a part of their lives. Finding ways to bridge cultural divides and helping kids see that no matter the color of their skin or the economic background they come from, God wants us all to be together united and showing the world how much God loves everyone.

What I love about the Assemblies of God:
It is great being a part of a larger group that cares about kids and their future. Seeing them come up with new and creative ways to effectively minister to kids and their families is encouraging. It's nice to know you have other people you can turn to and to know they want to help.

What I hope the future of KidMin will look like:
I want to see KidMin's that fully embraces a multiethnic/racial idea. As our schools, neighborhoods, and extra activities change I want to see the church change with them. KidMin's should not be a silo of one group of kids but a diverse group of kids from all over coming together despite their differences and embracing each other as family. To see KidMin's that look like the picture John painted in Revelation 7:9 a group of kids "from every nation, tribe, people and language.

Best advice I ever received in KidMin:
When I stand before a child/children, God is allowing me to be his hands and feet. In those moments you are becoming the physical representation of Jesus. Use that moment to show kids who Jesus truly is and how much God loves them.

Book I am reading right now:
If Disney ran your children's ministry.

If I could have a superpower, what would it be:
I would love to be able to teleport myself. To be able to go anyplace I want at any time.

Rick Ricciardelli
Lake Wylie
Lake Wylie, SC

Best thing about Kidmin where I live:
South Carolina is a growing state for children's ministry, with the creation of the Carolina Kidmin Network, an upcoming CM course at the District School of Ministry and our annual Bridge Conference. There has never been a better time to be in Kidmin here in the Carolinas, plus the people are so friendly.

What I love about the Assembly of God:
I believe there is no other denomination that puts as much effort in reaching and training kids with support from both the state and national level. Programs like BGMC, Royal Rangers, Girls Ministry and JBQ help equip Kidmin leaders in such an awesome way.

What I hope the future of Kidmin will look like:
A future where revival sweeps the nation ushered in by Holy Spirit filled kids from all denominations. Where young people stand up and say "enough", we do not want to continue this course of action anymore!

The best advise I ever received in Kidmin:
Dream BIG, we serve a BIG God and you can't scare Him

Books that I am reading right now:
Leading Kidmin

The E Myth - Revisited
Relational Children's Ministry

If I could have a superpower, what would it be:
Barry Allen's "The Flash" speed, there is soooo much I could do and get done, plus a metabolism to match- WOW!